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My Sprinkle-Free Answer to the Holiday-Themed Coffee Brew-Ha-Ha

  Some like to deck the halls—while others prefer their coffee candy-free.

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By now, anyone who navigates social media with some regularity would be remiss not to have noticed the trend that won’t end—the Pumpkin-Spice-in-everything phenomenon and the combination of meme-making ridicule and superlative fan shout-outs rendering the flavour du jour a broken record.

Fret not your weary ears; it would seem Big Box Barista-ville has heard Twitter and company loud and clear. Popular coffee brands have untapped the yet-to-be ubiquitous Christmas market with the unveiling of both new and tried-and-true hot, artificially flavoured beverages.

Candy cane, eggnog and peppermint lattes have been around a few seasons but haven’t seemed to garner the same attention befitting their fall-flavoured counterparts. That’s about to change with one shop’s newest holiday drink, the Chestnut and Praline Latte (I’m not even sure what a praline is – let alone how to pronounce the ‘a’ – but I suspect it’s a type of nut).

I’m also guessing the newly revealed beverage is yet another of the syrupy and sweet, best- served-with-whip-and-whistles variety­—none of which, by the way, is my cup of tea.

I actually find that more of an annoying grind. Irrespective of my naysaying, I have every bit of confidence the Uggs-and-lululemon-donning Millennials will be lapping up this nutty newcomer in frenzied proportion.

And yet, in spite of the fact I haven’t seen them in droves on the interweb, I’m betting there are indeed others out there, like me, who might just prefer their coffee candy-free.

As a refreshing alternative, popular commercial coffee brand NABOB, is like-minding my sentiments. Its current TV campaign addresses those of us who are wont to eschew (not “cashew”) every form of the chemicals-in-coffee trend.

Titled “Respect the Bean,” the ads take a spin on the current coffee milieu trumpeting the “fructose du jour” theme using smart marketing tactics in tandem with its competitors’ foamy flavoured beverage blitzing.


“NABOB’s current TV campaign addresses those of us who are wont to eschew (not “cashew”) every form of the chemicals-in-coffee trend.”


NABOB`s fall TV, for example, depicts a South American coffee farmer conversing in a bean field with a spokesperson holding a pumpkin. The latter asks the farmer about his knowledge of the “pumpkin spice” trend to which the farmer basically shakes his head with incredulity while English subtitles translate his Spanish along the lines of “that’s just plain wrong.”

The ad ends with the creative tagline “Leave the Pumpkin for the Pies,” and #RespectTheBean emblazoned on a still and dark screen.

There was a time when all that seemed to matter with respect to our beloved “Joe“ was serving up a cup of our bestie brew and topping it with simple accoutrements—say, a spot of cream or milk, sugar, artificial sweetener or maybe a dollop of honey with a cinnamon dash.

And that would be it. No muss, no fuss, no big whoop and, certainly, no whip!

Those days became obsolete with the advent of the Big Box brew shop and its Pied Piper effect on fans of all drinks festive and frothy. (I have a sneaking suspicion the aforementioned open-fire-roasted nut bevie will send the pom-pom-and-touque-wearing hipsters into a tailspin of delight.)

And that’s just fine, for them.

There’s no reason why those of us who opt for no-frills cups of caffeine can’t still partake with just as much glee and glad-tiding.

To those coffee klatch kids I say: “Have at it! Remain mystified by your “grande” or “venti” can(defiled) beverages.”

But for those of us syrup-free sophisticates who remain loyal to our java buds with a more cultured and sprinkle-free coffee ethos—a tasty power brand like NABOB with choice flavour selection yet no hard candy, no artificial or drizzled-on syrup—NO-NONSENSE kind of brew—seems like something worth percolating over.

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What you would decorate instead of your coffee this season?

Share it with us on social media by using the caption “I decorated my ______ (insert your item of choice) not my coffee” using the hashtags #RespectTheBean #whatdoyoudecorate

We might just share your decorations on social and perhaps you’ll even get a surprise from NABOB.

Happy Brew-ha-ha’ing!

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I'm a Canadian Journalist, Copywriter, Editor and 'PUN'dit. I enjoy luxuriating in memoir, biography, women's fiction and literary non-fiction. Self-ascribed TV crackhead who loves birds, kitties and Mama Earth's wonderful creations. Oh, and life would not be complete without paper bags full of Swedish Berries, strong, hot, dark roast every morning, wine to celebrate wins ... and cheese, just because.


  1. Thank you, Madame Tortoise 🐢,
    Lovely to hear other people’s opinions. And happy to see you #RespectTheBean ☕️ Oh and #whatdoyoudecorate this holiday season? One of my colleagues from Nabob might just add to your creative masterpieces! I will email you to get your addie! 🙌


  2. Madame Tortoise says

    Great post, Heidi,

    I heartily agree with your comments regarding flavoured coffee. I am at a loss as to why these ubiquitous “fake” flavours are not only in coffee but now also in such things as chips and crackers. It sometimes makes shopping a nightmare because stores seem to think that everyone wants what I deem disgusting to my palate. I can’t help but wonder what deleterious chemicals are used to produce such flavours.

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