For Your Gastro Pleasure

My Review of Flipp’n Burgers, Kensington, Calgary, AB, June 2013

Finger Flippin’ Great!

Wowsers. Holy Moly. Goodness, Gosh and Gadzooks!

Calgary Foodies —or anyone for that matter: you have absolutely got to try out Flipp ‘n Burgers in Kensington.

As a local Sunnyside gal who’s been dreamin’ of a Happy Days-like experience in my hood—finally it’s here, in all it’s mini-Coca-Cola-bottle glory.

Burgers are packed with juicy grain-fed beef—local-only from Spring Creek Beef.

 Opt for either a fresh-baked multi-grain or a brioche bun.

Chow down with fresh cut Cambray potato or yam fries and suck back a goopy, thick and dreamy Creamsicle shake made with real cream (so dream-like the calories won’t stick)

This friendly, bustling, grill-crackling and bright-walled diner on 10th Street N.W. has something for everyone including gluten-free peeps.

Though the business has only been open a month, Flipp’n frequenter, Haley Lewis-Watts, says she’s already feasted there a dozen times. Her tiny frame is deceiving given she’s slurped back an equal number of these signature shakes (her guilty pleasure is  tried-and-true chocolate)

“It’s real ice cream; the old-fashioned kind of milkshake that your parents talked about growing up with,” Haley remarks.

She says she keeps coming back for “the whole thing.”

“The food is great, the employees here are awesome. I always feel like I’m a part of the family and not just another customer,” she says.

Entrepreneurial-savvy owners Arif Karim and Sarah Amery and their carefully crafted burger brand are fo’ sizzle the next best thing to arrive in my hood.

#EveryFixinUnderTheSun #FingerFlippin’Great


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