H.J. Staseson

Words Matter.

I’m a Canadian senior-level communications specialist with a journalism degree from Ryerson University and extensive experience as a writer and editor for print and digital publications. I’ve been writing ever since I penned my first diary entry in my Grade Three Hilroy notebook. It was orange and lined, with half the page allotted for drawings—of which my spot-on renditions of Sandy from Grease and Mork from Ork are now considered classics (by my mom).

I’ve been scribbling and scribing in the countless journals I’ve kept close to my heart ever since. But, somewhere along the way, I discovered and developed a talent for telling other people’s stories. I tell them in magazines, in newspapers, and in websites for both. I tell them in blogs and in books. And on companies’ digital properties.

So, in addition to my own musings, I connect diverse people and companies to their own sacred and unique stories—irrespective of their walks of life, or the hurdles and hoops they endured along the way.

What matters to me is they ‘walked.’

I believe that getting to the other side of life’s challenges is what makes for the most compelling stories—to read, and to write.

And, every time someone honours me with the intricate details behind their adventures and callings, I am transformed that much further—personally, and professionally. 

It’s these shared, authentic communications that invigorate and inspire me to ‘re-tell’ their stories—in my own unique words: Words that reflect their Truth. 

Words that matter.