H.J. Staseson

Words Matter.

I’m a professional Canadian communicator, editor, writer, and digital content developer. I earned a journalism degree from Ryerson University. My experience lies in writing and editing (in print and digital formats) for corporate executive teams, their staff and stakeholder communities, and for consumer and trade magazines and newspapers.

People matter.

In the many years I’ve been scribbling and scribing, somewhere along the way, I discovered and developed a talent for telling other people’s stories. Finding the perfect combination of both strategic and ‘soul-selected’ words, I fine-tune and tell folks’ astonishing feats in life—in blogs, books, newsletters, and across digital media and content kits.

My favourite writerly pastime is to connect diverse groups of people and companies to their own sacred and unique stories—irrespective of their walks of life, or the hurdles and hoops they endured along the way.

What matters to me is they ‘walked.’

I believe that getting to the other side of life’s challenges is what makes for the most compelling stories. And, every time someone honours me by seeking out my ears, and eyes, and inner voice to craft, fix, and retell the intricate details of their adventures and callings, I am transformed that much further—personally, and professionally. 

It’s these shared, authentic communications that invigorate and inspire me to tell others’ stories in bold, bright, and compelling ways that will connect them to the right people, at the right time…through Words That Matter.