Executive Editorial Services

Connecting people and companies to words that matter.

My name is Heidi Staseson. I’m an accredited journalist, editor, and communications professional with 20 years of experience working in the areas of financial services, post-secondary education, media, marketing, and pop culture. I provide content and editing services to clients across a broad range of industry—developing targeted copy around strategic initiatives, primarily, for executive-level teams, that reflects the unique voice of the company or institution.

These visually engaging digital and print messages are packaged across a variety of communication modalities, including :

  • Digital newsletters
  • Website copy
  • Editing (5 yrs’ experience as an associate editor for a national finance & investment magazine)
  • Copyediting
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media
  • Blog & News articles
  • White Papers
  • Staff Communiqués
  • Leaders’ Messages
  • Speaking Remarks
  • Press Releases
  • Ad Copy
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Proposal Writing, RFP Response, & Coordination
  • Video Production
  • Voiceover and Script copywriting

On-Brand Content Tied to Your Goals and Values

Trust is the true connector behind every client-centric relationship. It’s trust that will keep your partnerships intact while connecting you to vibrant new partners, and, it’s trust that will allow you to maintain, or improve, your company’s bottom line—even send it soaring!

I help people and companies find the right words that reflect integrity and trust—so that, in effect, when put together, strategically and creatively, will form powerful, on-brand messages that align with an institution’s mission and vision, resonate with its stakeholders, and solidify long-lasting, trusted partnerships.

I’ll listen to your ideas, goals, and vision, from their inception through the varying stages of development. By applying the specific tools of my profession, along with my own ‘proprietary’ tricks, I’ll incorporate them into phrases that also foster positivity, unity, and cohesion—creating engaging, call-to-action content that tells Your Story—in ways that matter to your most important community members.

Trust is the true connector behind every client-centric relationship.

Telling Your Story

They’re not ‘just words’

Finding the ‘right’ words—the words that matter—often involve wearing a veritable wet suit designed for deep diving, digging up, sorting through, and comparing parts—before they can be assembled into a picture-perfect, whole and complete message.

It’s really not a lot different than solving a jigsaw puzzle. Whether it’s 500 pieces or 10,000 pieces, the goal is the same: to find the pieces—or words—that fit, succinctly, to reveal a clear and illuminating picture that speaks to everyone in your stakeholder community. 

Without those individual pieces coming together, your story would be incomplete. I’ll find the precise words to close the gaps and missing links in your current messaging. It’s how I string those words together—with just the right blend of colour and transparency—that will showcase your company’s amplified brand, reveal its mission, reinforce trust, and instate confidence among your present and prospective customers.

From ‘Once Upon a Time’ to ‘The End’ — completely jargon-free

My sweet-spot lies in my ability to translate and articulate complex issues into meaningful, common language that aligns with your company’s mission, values, brand, and strategic plan. I’m not a fan of marketing buzzwords and phrases—things like ‘outside-of-the-box,’ and ‘who’s who in the zoo,’ variations on the words ‘radical,’ ‘disrupt,’ and the overly used cuss-words infiltrating the covers of best-selling books of late (the first one was a gem – but the copycat writing since is cringeworthy!).

But, that’s just my opinion.

… If you’re a super-fan of particular phrasing or trendy terms, no problem! I’ll hear you, and I’ll get it. I’ll find effective ways to incorporate your preferred styles into your content.

360-Degrees of Business, Culture, Consumer Trends, and Competition

Also included in my professional editorial offering, is the unique service provision of in-depth, intensive research, backed by a deftness for trend-spotting—namely, identifying emerging (often urgent) communications opportunities that may impact your company—including, those with respect to your competition.

Organizational Change

Navigate the ‘upheaval’ with words that assure

I support companies as they undergo complex and multi-faceted organizational change. While the latter is generally designed and deployed strategically—chiefly, to improve reputations, revitalize brands, and secure bottom lines—your staff might not see it that way.

Change doesn’t have to be a dividing factor; it can actually bring everyone together.

I create leaders’ messages that transform fear into faith. By incorporating positive themes that are steady, yet encouraging in tone, I aim to assuage potential staff apprehension by developing messages of assurance and comfort that’ll instil confidence in your leadership—while simultaneously enabling staff and other stakeholders to reflect, re-consider, and reinterpret any earlier sense of upheaval, alarm, or discomfort.

Change doesn’t have to be a dividing factor. When communicated by company leaders effectively, it can actually bring everyone together—with the end goal that community members come to recognize your organizational change for its intrinsic value—as a vital and transformative, grand-scale initiative designed to improve overall employee experience, livelihood, and engagement. Most importantly, it’s an exciting and strategic change that will assure your business’s long-time success and reputation as an indispensable leader in the communities you serve.

Now that you’ve impressively gotten this far (and thank you for this!), I only have one question:

How may I help you?